Business up front

1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental health condition within the year. You never know what’s going on behind the scenes for your workmates and bringing the mental health conversations into our workplace has never been more important.

Show you’re all ears at work

It’s time to show your workmates your glorious mullet!
It’s been a tough couple of years with working from home, lockdowns, tools down and all that stuff. It’s time to have a bit of fun and let your hair down at work (literally) in April 2024!
Start growing your mullet! Imagine striding into the office looking all business, up front - then reveal the party at the back.

Ways to get involved at work

When your work gets on board with Mullets for Mental Health, the funds you raise will be used to help people (like your workmates) access the mental health support they need, in the most critical times.

Be brave and nominate your boss or CEO to grow a mullet

Hold a live Mullet cut at the next team meeting! Make sure you share pics and vids to your work intranet or email around!

Hold a Mullets for Mental Health day at work

Encourage your workmates to come with a mullet, wig or colour their hair and hold a competition for the best locks!

Take the HeadGear Challenge

Encourage all your workmates to take the 30 Day wellbeing challenge on the Black Dog Institute app HeadGear during Mullet Month in April.

FREE Mental Health Resources for your colleagues

Online tools and mobile apps for your mental health and wellbeing developed and successfully tested through research trials that you can access anywhere at no cost.

HeadGear app

HeadGear is a free and easy to use smartphone app that guides you through a 30-day mental fitness challenge. It’s designed to help you build resilience and wellbeing.

Online Clinic

This is a free mental health assessment tool. You answer the questions and Online Clinic provides a personalised report, with suggested support services and free or low cost resources for you to access.


This is a free, online self-help program for people with mild to moderate depression anxiety and stress. It is also for people who want to build good mental health.

For more information on support resources you can learn more here >