1–30 April 2024

Grow and shape your mullet for better mental health


Mullets turned science into action!


raised for mental health research

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Your mullet can help fund crucial mental health research.

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Why should you grow and shape your mullet this April? Because suicide is the leading cause of death for people aged 15-44 in Australia. And over 50% of people don’t seek professional help when they’re experiencing mental ill-health.

But here’s how your mullet can help. Grow it your way. Then raise funds for crucial mental health research which supports people who need it the most. Show you’re all ears this April.

Here’s a taste of some sweet mullet-powered action:

  • Supporting myNewWay – an app to support people living with anxiety and/or depression.
  • Training community presenters who reach hundreds of school students to talk about mental health and support services.
  • Funding research programs that teach children healthier ways of thinking.
  • Supporting the development of innovative programs that help people with suicidal thoughts seek help when they need it most.

Your mullet has an elite flow-on effect. Just ask Elliot.

Elliot was experiencing some mental health challenges. Big time. As he said, “You cannot defeat something when you don’t know what you’re dealing with.”

Growing your mullet can help give people like him the tools to identify and treat mental health illnesses.

The reason I volunteer with the Black Dog Institute is because I have a clear objective to help as many people as I can avoid going through the struggles I have

Elliot got the diagnosis and support he needed to manage his mental health. Thanks to funds raised by mullet-lovin’ legends like you.

Will you help someone just like Elliot get on their path to recovery sooner?

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