Fundraising Tips

There are SO MANY good reasons why you should grow a Mullet for Mental Health – but the most important is to raise funds for crucial mental health research.

1. Make your profile stand out

Add some personality to your profile with a fun mullet pic. Update your blog post to make sure your mates know why you're all ears for mental health.

2. Donate to yourself

The earlier you start fundraising, the more you can raise for mental health. Make a donation to your page to lead by example - every dollar helps!

3. Share the Mullet love

Every time you share pics of your magnificent mullet, tell your friends and family why you’re fundraising for the Black Dog Institute.

Get the word out! Share on your socials, or send a good ole fashioned text or email. Quick for you, easy for people to action.

4. Recruit friends

Does your best mate already sport a magnificent mullet?

Maybe your old man could be convinced to bring back the mullet? All hair lengths count!

Challenge your mates to grow a mullet with you. Whether you have to beg or bargain, the more people you recruit, the more funds you can raise for mental health research.

Step your fundraising up a notch

We love that there are so many passionate people stepping up and showing they're all ears this April. 
If you want to get inspired and join the Mullet community antics to help raise funds for mental health research, here is some inspiration for you. Let your creative juices run wild!.

Muttlets (Mutts with mullets)

Why should humans have all the fun?

Put on a shearing show.

Accept donations from your mates and then live stream your mutt getting a mullet for better mental health.

Mini mullets

Get the whole family involved! 

What about father and son matching mullets? Even get granddad and your cousins involved.

Ask your mates to triple their donation if you can get three generations to wear a mullet?

Host a Mullet tribute party

Throw the party and ask your mates to donate to your fundraising page. Whoever shows up without a mullet has to donate MORE!

Then upload your mullet party pics and vids to your socials and share the mullet love.

Mullets music fest

Calling all guitar heroes.

Invite your mates over to rock out and shred the air-guitar. Don’t forget to make a video and share on socials!