Teamwork makes the dream work

Mullets are done best as a mob.

Create a team and invite your mates, family, neighbours, local heroes to join you this April in Mullets For Mental Health and show you’re all ears for mental health!

What better way to turn heads and open conversations around mental health in Australia.

It’s crucial that we get more people to rock a daggy haircut to show the 1 in 5 Australians that experience mental illness each year our solidarity.

As a team you can represent mental health in style to show people living with mental illness that they're not alone.


Why create a team?

Mullets with mates. Nothing better than that. 

Get the group chat popping about who's rocking the best mullet and make a difference. 

You can make a real difference to the 1 in 5 people that experience a mental illness each year.

How to create a team

There are 2 ways to create a team in Mullets For Mental Health

1) When you sign up for the challenge

When you sign up, you can create a team through the registation process.

2) Already signed up? No problem.

You can login and create a team from your personal dashboard.

Meet Mullets for Munz

The Mullets for Munz crew are all too familiar with the devastating impact of losing a loved one to suicide. They are fundraising in loving memory of their friend and classmate, Nick Munsie who was 18 years old when died by suicide. In 2021, the 100 strong high-school team were dedicating their mullets to Nick and promoting mental health to help save lives.

"The purpose of cutting our mullets is to raise awareness for mental health. We aim to help break down the stigma that keeps men from speaking up. We hope that no one goes through the situation we have been through. It is avoidable. Break down the stigma." says Harry, Team Captain.

The team were going above and beyond to raise as much money as they can for mental health research and education. By week three of Mullets Month they had already raised $300,000 for Black Dog Institute. They had been overwhelmed with the community’s generosity and had collaborated with businesses to give their supporters donation incentives, such as organising an online raffle.

"I had my mullet (skullet) for 8 years, I loved it. 

I always looked after my skullet. People thought it was a bad haircut so I always washed it and made it at least look nice. I work at Mcarthur River Mines so I do fly in fly out work. My hair would get so dirty at work that I’d have to wash it three times a day.

I found my fundraiser rewarding because I know what the Black Dog Institute does for people. They have helped out a few people I know. Mental health affects a lot of people on mine sites, being away from their family so much due to the fly in fly out nature of the job."

How to shape your mullet

Step 1
Tell everyone!

Let everyone know why you signed up to Mullets For Mental Health, and that you are shaping it in today!

Step 2
Section into 4 parts

The section should run from the front hairline to the middle of the crown, curving along the natural shape of the head. Use hair ties or clips to keep the top section separate from the rest.

Step 3
Snip Snip!

Using clippers or scissors, trim the hair on the sides and top to the desired length. For scissors, cut at an angle to create a tapered effect, and leave the back (the party).

Step 4
Shave the sides

If you have clippers shape in the sides shaving up towards section 1. If using scissors section the sides into smaller parts with a clip. Hold hair between fingers or with a comb and snip.

Step 5
Trim the top

Clean up the top however you like! You can either shave or just snip this section.
Again segmenting into smaller sections may make it easier and even.

Step 6
Don't touch the back

This is where the party is!!
Let this section flow.

Please be careful when using any sharp appliances. Under 16's make sure you have someone to help you!