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I'm all ears for Black Dog Institute's Mullets for Mental Health.

9 people in Australia die by suicide every day. Over 75% of mental health problems occur before the age of 25.

This April, I'll be rocking a mullet to raise funds and show I'm all ears for better mental health.

My mullet and funds raised will help us drive real change and fund ground-breaking mental health research. This will put digital services and education into the hands of people who need it the most.

It would mean a lot to me if you donated to support my mullet.

Together, we can create better mental health for all Australians.

My Impact

So far this year I helped provide…


people with suicidal thoughts help when they need it most.

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Les Mccoy's

Vive la femme mulet!!! ❤️ Les McCoy's


Lori Dent

Well done


Taaammmm T

Nobody wears a mullet better than Steffy


Safety Mate Matched Contribution


Stephanie Dent


Jennifer Regan

Thanks for your courage to wear a mullet.


David Coulston

Your mullet is just as awesome as the Beastie Boys!!!! :)




Lyn & Paul Mccoy


Troy And Justin

You’re looking fabulous)as always!).


Sarah Ingram


Matthew John Henry Lovering

Good on you Steffy!


Em Co

Go you good thing xx


Kelly Mccoy



nice work SLD!









Pez & Lisa

Good Growing


Kafy Babe

You rock. Mullets are the absolute worst but…


Frances Langi

Im proud to be donating to such a great cause. I hope more do as well.


Cath Collins

The only mullet I could ever support is one for mental health. Love your work Steph xoxo


Erin Bishop


Brandy Pearson


Damian Blankley


Jaime Downing


Dean Redzic


Kat And Stu

Well done rocking the mullet, lovely. 🤘🏻



You look like a young Robert Plant. Hawt!!



Fkn bogan!



My Updates

You guys are the best!

Thursday 18th Apr
When I started this journey, I was optimistic that I could reach $1000. Here we are 24hrs in, and you lot have exceeded my expectations already! What a wonderful group of legends!! Thank you. All of you. 5 stars to you all ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️